Marketing can be overwhelming, can’t it?

By day, our inboxes are stuffed with advice, offers, lingo and the latest “must-have tool” for growth.

At night, our anxious minds swirl with questions…How much time and money should I spend on social media? Do we need video? Webinars? Planned events? More blogposts?  Facebook ads?  Twitter?  Linkedin?  What in the world is Periscope?  Is my business even going in the right direction?

I know. It’s crazy out there.

And it’s counter-productive, because spending all that time working and worrying about marketing eats into your profits.  It’s robbing you of time with family and friends, playing golf or tennis.  Or just watching the sunset and taking a nice, deep breath, for heaven’s sake!

I’d love to help you change that.  I’m Jane Sanford, and I’m a Simplist.  It’s my passion to boil things down to essentials – the really important, meaningful stuff – because that’s where the magic happens.

I help successful business leaders and entrepreneurs create a simpler way to grow – a way that precisely fits the person, the customer and the business.

The process is pretty…simple.  We start with a conversation, you tell me about your business, your goals and the current state of things.  I ask questions, listen and focus on key fundamentals.

Then I create a custom marketing system designed just for you – your personality, your customers, your business.  One you can embrace and even enjoy!  (Yes, it IS possible to enjoy marketing.)

And since you won’t be spending time and energy worrying about marketing, you and your business will be free to soar to new heights.  Whoosh!! A lighter load.  Less stress.  More success.  Room to breath.

To find out more about the process of simplifying your marketing efforts (and consequently your life), call me at (512) 920-0757.  Or fill in the form below and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

I’m looking forward to working together to create a stress-free, livable marketing system tailored especially for you.  Simplify and thrive!

At your service,